Hello dear mama!

I’m so excited to meet you and do yoga together for your core and overall healing. 

The challenge will be hosted in my Private Facebook Group via Facebook-Live video. 

Starting on Monday April 19th at 11 am

The video will stay up there in the feed so you can catch it anytime you can. 

I will send you an email-reminder on each day of the challenge.

On the last (5th) day of the challenge we will meet in a zoom meeting, where we will be doing our last yoga practice and meditation. I’ll be there to answer all your questions you might have after the practice. This format will give us privacy and we can interact as a group with each other. 

I will send you the zoom meeting link by email.

Step 1

Join my Private Facebook Group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/mamaselfcare 

Step 2 

Show up live on the day at 11am, or anytime you can, to do the yoga practice and comment below the video with “I did it”. This way I’ll know you did the challenge that day. You can also make other comments or ask any questions you have below the video. 

Step 3

Relax and enjoy! 

Please contact me if you have any questions!

See you there!

With love,