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Postpartum Coaching

Prolapse feels like something is falling out of your vagina.

Needing to pee too many times a day or night,

leaking a few drops while sneezing,

are not just a “normal” reality.  

And if you think that solution is just 500 Kegels a day, then keep reading…

Women of any age deserve to heal, get stronger, gain confidence and relief in their daily life.   


Have you ever pretended that your body is okay when really it’s not?

Meanwhile you feel like something is falling out of your body or you’re leaking pee every time you sneeze?

My dear, you’re not alone! Many of us suffer in silence from prolapse, leaking pee or other postpartum complications.

I want to give you tools that can help you to feel strong and confident in your body despite prolapse. 

I want to teach you how you can be your own expert in training and healing your body.

You don’t have to be alone on this journey.
Imagine how it would feel….
  • being confident with how your pelvic floor works

  • having strength in your body to do anything you like from yoga to hiking

  • being comfortable with how your body looks and feels

  • being relieved by having a clear path to work on towards achieving your postpartum healing goals

  • being your own expert and knowing what is safe or not safe for your body during workouts and daily movements

  • having someone in your corner for support and guidance

1-on-1 Online Postpartum Coaching

Healing your pelvic floor requires an all inclusive body and life style approach. 

Together we will look at your health goals, identify what needs improvement and develop lasting strategies to gain your strength and confidence back.  

We will find ways to effortlessly implement your self-care routines into your day.

With my postpartum coaching program you’ll learn how to re-connect with your body and carry it throughout the day with confidence.

You CAN feel your best again, mama!
1:1 postnatal yoga

1-on-1 postpartum coaching is for you if . . .

  • You’re dealing with prolapse, leaking pee, back pain or other postpartum complications.

  • You want to get stronger and feel better through exercise and self-care but not sure what is safe for your body.

  • You want to get into exercises again but not sure where to start and which exercises are beneficial and which are not for your body.

  • You want to improve your overall well-being in postpartum.

What’s Included 

Katerina is a warm and open person; I love her supportive attitude and attention to details. I loved her assessment and recommendation. We discovered what exactly I needed to do to support myself. Her exercises really helped and my pelvic floor feels stronger. I no longer feel defeated!  

Marina, 35, mother of 2 children of 10 and 1 years old.

I took 1:1 sessions with Katerina, and after those classes I felt relief from prolapse symptoms. I learned the proper exercises and movements that are safe for my body. I feel much stronger and confident. 

Anna, 33, mother of 3 children, 7 and 5-year-old twins.
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How it Works

  1. Our work together starts with your 15 mins FREE Consultation, where we’ll discuss your specific needs and goals and draft your self-care plan.
  2. If you decide that we are a good fit, I proceed with the assessment of your individual body and needs.
  3. I give you detailed guidance on your exercises and homework.
  4. I then analyze your homework and the way you do exercises to make sure you’re doing them correctly and safely.
  5. I support you on the daily basis through emails or messaging apps.
  6. We meet once every week. In every meeting, we’ll be customizing your exercises and self-care practices according to your progress.
  7. I constantly work on creating the best strategy for your self-care and exercises that will fit your lifestyle.
I’m always here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just go back to my pre-pregnancy workouts?2021-09-01T13:31:07+00:00

So, it’s important to be mindful and practice safe exercises or yoga to prevent or worsen injuries or dysfunctions (e.g. pelvic floor dysfunction, leaking pee, pelvic organ prolapse, hemorrhoids, etc). Even if you had a healthy birth and do not have any dysfunctions after birth, you should still be careful and not rush yourself to intense exercises or weight loss diets right away, as these can lead to developing injuries or dysfunctions.

What is the difference between prenatal and postnatal yoga or exercises?2021-09-01T13:33:02+00:00

The short answer is that your prenatal exercises or yoga practice support your growing body and prepare you for birth. While postnatal training or yoga focuses on the recovery and healing of your body after pregnancy and birth.

Do you only work with mamas who have given birth recently?2021-09-01T13:34:40+00:00

I work with mamas of all ages and all postpartum stages, whether you gave birth 3 days ago or 30 years ago.

Do you have a refund policy?2021-09-01T19:10:56+00:00


If you wish to cancel and get a refund for your Initial Consultation, you can do so by sending your request for a refund by email to katerina@mamaselfcare.com at least 48 hours before the scheduled session. Later than that there will be no refund.

If you changed your mind about the postpartum coaching package that you purchased after the Initial Consultation, you can get a full refund of the package if you notify me at least 48 hours before your 1st session.

Send your request for a refund to katerina@mamaselfcare.com no later than 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. 

After the Coaching program has begun, any unused sessions will not be refunded, but may be rescheduled for up to 12 months after the initial payment.

Do you only work with clients on a weekly basis?2021-09-01T13:41:18+00:00

I prefer to work with clients on a weekly basis because in my experience weekly sessions give better results, as this helps you to stay consistent with your exercises and self-care practices. However, if you absolutely cannot make it to one of the weekly appointments I will do my best to reschedule your session.

What if I have something urgent to ask you after our session?2021-09-01T13:42:55+00:00

I give my best support to my clients. I’m available for you in between the sessions by email or messaging app and will respond to your questions or requests as soon as possible.

If I’ve never done any exercises or practiced any kinds of yoga before, can I still work with you?2021-09-01T13:43:59+00:00

Absolutely! This is what I’m here for. I’ll teach you what you need and how you can start and progress with your exercises.

Are your exercises safe for people with prolapse?2021-08-31T17:21:14+00:00

Absolutely! I teach all my mamas how to train their bodies safely and improve conditions like prolapse, diastasis recti, incontinence.

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Hi I’m Katerina

I’m a pelvic health coach and a yoga instructor for moms of ALL ages. I’m also a mama myself.

I help women to become stronger and more confident in their bodies and pelvic floor.

Who I train and coach:

  • women who developed prolapse during or after pregnancy or in menopause,
  • women who pee when sneezing or
  • needing to pee too often

After my initial assessment of your body and posture, you’ll have your customized exercise plan as well as my daily coaching for your lifestyle and diet to promote healing.

I’m a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, certified Yoga teacher (500 hours), certified in Yoga for Pelvic Health and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (Pelvic Health Professionals Education Center) and trained in Pilates (Mat-Plus Level 1).

Dear mama,

Please know that your pelvic floor challenges don’t define who you are!

You are YOU!

Please remember that you are a strong, powerful, unstoppable, fearless, beautiful, courageous, healthy, and inspiring Goddess!

You absolutely CAN feel your best again!

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